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What is Horse Tycoon?
Horse Tycoon is an internet game for horse lovers. At Horse Tycoon you can buy your own virtual horse using virtual money. Next you can do all kinds of things with your horse. You can also get in contact with other users by being active at the fora or sending each other messages. Handling money is one of the other fun activities you can do at Horse Tycoon. You have to be a good trader to buy and sell horses and to prevent you make loss!

Who is Horse Tycoon meant for?
Horse Tycoon is enjoyed by young and old. Especially by horse lovers, but ofcourse anyone is welcome!

Are there any registration dues or entrance fees at Horse Tycoon?
Registration at and entrance to Horse Tycoon is totally free. Though, Horse Tycoon s making use of a so called credits system. To use a several options in the game you need to have Credits. However, you can also play perfectly fine without those options and it's still free.

How safe is Horse Tycoon?
There are Administrators and Moderators at Horse Tycoon keeping supervision and handling complaints. You can recognise them from their special rank. Administrators and Moderators are able to warn users who are breaking the rules, or in the worst case ban them from Horse Tycoon.

Are the users' personal data secured at Horse Tycoon?
We ensure the security of users' personal data. On the registration form we only ask for the information we need to identify the user. These data will remain confidential and will not be given to thirds.

Other questions?
When you are still having any questions about Horse Tycoon please feel free to contact us!